Tips for Identifying Undercarriage Wear on Compact Excavators

Take the time to check out and preserve your compact excavator daily.

The undercarriage is the most expensive part of a compact excavator and can account for almost 20% of the machine purchase price and almost 50% of the machine maintenance costs. These valuable components should never be neglected.

The undercarriage of your compact excavator works as a system and is made up of a number of moving components including sprockets, idlers, tracks, shoes and a number of moving components. With so many moving parts, wear and tear is inevitable. By knowing what to look for in a
and by properly caring for this valuable investment, you can significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Ensure the tracks are set to the correct tension

Ensuring that the tracks are set to the correct tension will help prevent premature Avoid damage to chassis components due to wear. The chassis is designed in such a way that all components wear out evenly. If the tracks are too loose, the undercarriage components will wear unevenly and can affect productivity and wear of all components.

It is recommended to check the tension of the tracks every 10-15 hours of operation. If the tracks are no longer properly aligned, there is a risk of losing a track completely and damaging a track in the process. Tracks that are too tight can cause excessive wear on the rollers and idlers and can cause the tracks to break. Follow the owner's manual for proper chain tensioning and inspection procedures.

Keep the Undercarriage Clean

The undercarriage is exposed to many different environments and must be kept clean and well-oiled to operated. Construction debris such as mud, snow, dirt and rocks can accumulate in the undercarriage and cause components to wear out more quickly. If the undercarriage is subjected to extreme conditions, the tracks should be inspected regularly and any debris removed.

At the end of each working day, the machine should be washed and inspected for damage. This is a good time to inspect the landing gear for missing or damaged components. Any missing or damaged components should be repaired immediately to prevent further wear or damage.

Proper driver training

Your driver has the greatest impact on the life and longevity of your machine's incoming train. Your carrier's ability to identify and fix problems as they arise directly impacts repair times and downtime costs. By instructing your drivers in the correct way to drive your compact excavator, downtime due to insufficient training will be significantly reduced.

Additional tips:

Ultimately, understanding the importance of undercarriage care and maintenance has a major impact on the lifespan and longevity of your compact excavator's undercarriage. Proper care of this treasured funding will pass a protracted manner in.

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